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EMR/EHR Readiness Services

Successfully implementing electronic health records and electronic medical records is a complex process that involves change across many platforms—staff and technology being just two of them. Cybergistics understands the need to ensure both minimal staff disruption and a strong IT infrastructure during such a transition. We also know that maintaining confidentiality of patient information and meeting HIPAA regulations is of the utmost importance, which is why all of our staff is trained in HIPAA compliance.

Cybergistics provides the following services:

  • Electronic medical record consultative services including workflow analysis, forms redesign, training, and project management
  • EMR/EHR readiness services including workflow evaluation and staff training
  • Collaboration and compliance regarding retention and destruction schedules of various record types
  • Creation of records management plans including retention consultation and destruction schedules
  • Adherence to comprehensive destruction schedules—to systematically destroy records after the required retention period elapses
  • Comprehensive evaluation of software and systems