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Q&A with J.R. Emmanuelli, Head of Records Management

How does a client access a specific record stored at Cybergistics?  

We make record retrieval simple, whether the record is electronic or physical. To initiate a request, Cybergistics clients can complete a request form and send to us electronically, or call our office. Depending on the size and urgency of the request, the needed record or portion thereof will be scanned or delivered to the client.

Normally we can scan and upload the requested documents to our secure website and the requested documents can be obtained the same day. We understand that most clients do not want physical boxes delivered back to them because then they have to divert resources to the process. At Cybergistics we manage what is in the box, allowing your employees to focus on other priorities. Of course we will deliver physical records within the next business day should a client require them.

What sets Cybergistics apart from other records management companies?

First, we like to say that we don’t just manage the storage of boxes; we manage what’s inside the boxes we store. At Cybergistics, we bundle pricing to make it easier to budget. Other companies often add small charges to the cost of putting a box in storage and removing it or retrieving contents–we don’t. Another common practice by companies is to quote prices based on the cubic foot and not the actual size of the box stored, which can make a big difference. At Cybergistics we also suggest ways to shorten the lifespan of storage to provide savings to our clients.

The convenience and flexibility we offer also sets us apart. Cybergistics always provides clients with contact numbers for urgent requests made outside of normal business hours.

How do clients know if documents are being stored confidentially and within regulatory compliance standards?

We follow HIPAA and other regulatory requirements required for specific record types, which are reviewed with the client in advance of pickup. Our staff is trained on the requirements of all record types, and is directed by credentialed managemnt.

Does Cybergistics also provide information management for non-medical clients?

Yes, our process works equally well for financial, pharmaceutical, human resources, educational, and many other types of administrative records.