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Cybergistics Expanding to Hamilton

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

HAMILTON — After months of searching for the best possible location to expand, a Neptune-based information management company is moving their state-of-the art document storage and imagining company into the historic Studio Park complex.

Cybergistics has long provided its services to the healthcare industry, but a recent growth in data storing needs has catapulted the company into servicing other sectors, including law and accounting firms in the region.

“It just made sense for us to move here because of the ease of transportation and access to all the major highways,” said Cybergistics Chief Executive Officer Keith Danko.

“We searched for over four months, looked at places within a 25-mile radius and decided to lease this space because we wanted to be centrally located and it is very cost effective. By keeping our overhead low we are able to pass that savings on to our customers.”

Founded in 2003, Cybergistics has enjoyed rapid growth despite the dismal economy. The expansion into the 10,000 square-foot warehouse and office space, in the former mill building, will add an additional boost to the county’s financial growth and also provide upwards of 12 new jobs for local residents.

The company’s claim to fame is their streamlined approach to the daunting task of providing clients access to their stored files and paperwork.

Using technology, Cybergistics provides high touch imaging services and quick ease of access to important medical or factual records in minutes versus days.

“Just to give you an idea, clients will usually ask our competitors for a file in a box,” said Head of Records Management, J.R. Emmanuelli. “The company will take the box off the shelf, put the box on the truck, get the truck to the hospital, and they probably need one file; this could take two to three days to provide and the costs is a about $100 just for one file.”

The forward-thinking company decided to minimize laborious tasks by accessing files for clients, then scanning in the paperwork onto a password protected secured website.

Customers, such as health care providers, lawyers or accountants log on to view the files in approximately 30 minutes from the initial request for the file. Customers pay a set package price to access their files up to 30 times a month.

Although Cybergistics’ forward thinking approach to data storage and access saves their clients time and money, the young company does not sacrifice document security to the general public. Employees who handle highly sensitive records and documentation are required to take a Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) seminar, which reinforces health care privacy and security rules enacted in 1996.

“There are like over 100 pages to a file, we don’t read through the file, we just scan and send it electronically,” said Emmanuelli.

Additionally, Cybergistics has also taken a pro-active approach to destroying files and paperwork, using an eco-friendly solution which minimizes effects to the environment. “We have a special agreement with Marcal,” said Emmanuelli. “We don’t just shred the documents, we work with the paper company to extract the toner, which originally comes from dirt, from the paper and then the paper is recycled and used by Marcal for their products like toilet paper … the toner is turned back into dirt.”

The company is working with the developer to completely update the interior space, without destroying the historic look and feel of the wearhouse. High ranking officials are confident that expanding their storage facilities in Mercer County will also expand their projected revenues.

Donna Pizzulli, Cyergistic’s Chief Operating Officer is confident the move will benefit the county and the company. “The Hamilton location is strategically positioned to cater to our current and future clients from central and southern New Jersey, as well as Pennsylvania,” she said in a recent press release. “The space is conveniently located near several major highways, enabling us to provide highly responsive service to a wider geographic footprint.”